Hydrangea Time

Incrediball Hydrangea
Incrediball Hydrangea

This is such an incredible time of year as the Hydrangeas are starting to bloom.  They start now and will continue to provide color and excitement to the garden for the next 2-3 months!  Yes – a shrub that will flower for an extended period of time.

Bloomstruck Hydrangea
Bloomstruck Hydrangea

We have several varieties of Hydrangea in stock – with the white blossoms, white blossoms turning pink or green as they age, blue blossoms of the new Bloomstruck Hydrangea and those that have pink blossoms.

Invincebelle Spirit Hydrangea
Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea

Hydrangeas like to be planted in part sun part shade, or if planted in full sun, they will need to be well-watered.  Hydrangeas are high water users.

A popular shrub for home landscapes.  Generally, they are trouble free and for the most part, low maintenance.   In the fall, you should prune off the flower heads so the weight of frost, snow and ice during the winter, does not break the branches.  (This is especially true for the hydrangeas in tree form).

Mature heights vary by variety – but you can certainly find a hydrangea that will fit your height requirement.   An added bonus of the hydrangeas is that you can clip the flower stems and bring inside for dried flower arrangements.  A great accent to fall decorating.

Bloomstruck – This re-blooming hydrangea flowers on old and new wood with intense flower color.  3′-4′ in height.  To maintain the rich blue color, you will need a soil acidifier.  It is also best to amend your planting site with peat moss.  With lack of a good acid base, this hydrangea may blossom more in rose/pink shades.

Incrediball – 4′-5′ in height – an improved version of the old standard – Annabelle – Hydrangea.  Incredibly large white blooms and much stronger stems which helps to eliminate the floppiness of the Annabelle.

Invincibelle Spirit – 4′-5′ in height – is a pink version of Annabelle which will bloom from mid-summer to first frost!

We carry the Bobo, Firelight, Polar Bear,  Pinky Winky, Mega Mindy, Limelight, Quickfire, Little Quickfire, Little Lime, Vanilla Strawberry, Strawberry Sundae as well as those pictured above.