Hydrangea Time

P1010015One of the greatest August garden moments is when the hydrangeas start to bloom.  There are so many different varieties of hydrangea shrubs – and then there are the wonderful hydrangea trees!

The shrub form of hydrangeas range in sizes from 3′ tall all the way up to 10′ tall depending on the variety.  There are blue, pink and white hydrangeas.  Some blossom white, and then turn pink,  or start out with a lime-green and  turn pink in the later part of the season.  The Annabelle Hydrangea has round white flowers, whereas the Limelight Hydrangea (pictured here) has conical shaped flowers.  You are almost certain to be able to find a hydrangea that will fit your space.

The hydrangea trees are small, ornamental trees.  They are a great way to anchor a perennial bed, highlight the area by your front door, tuck one in a courtyard garden, or wherever your imagination can come up with! 

Hydrangeas prefer half day shade, but can handle full sun if kept watered properly.  Most varieties prefer a more acidic s0il.  By digging an extra wide hole and adding peat when planting, should do the trick.   An added bonus with the hydrangea flowers is that you can cut and dry them and use them in arrangements all year long!  Last fall I dried several hydrangea flowers and the ones that the cats didn’t knock over and take care of, are still looking great!