Hydrangea Trees

Tree Form Hydrangea

If you are looking for a hardy and versatile ornamental tree, then look no further than Hydrangea paniculata in tree form.  Their large flower panicles emerge white or white with a lime green hue in July.  As they mature throughout August, shades of pink begin to creep in, eventually working their way up flower panicles. Hydrangea paniculata grow best in full sun to part shade and their flower color is not altered by soil pH.  Our extensive selection can make choosing a favorite variety tricky, so here are some attributes to consider as you narrow your search down to the perfect Hydrangea tree for you!

Phantom has some of the largest flower heads.  They start white and mature to deep pink. They fill out at 8-10’ tall by 8-10’ wide.

Limelight produces bright creamy white and lime green flowers that mature to shades of pink, burgundy and green. 6-8’ tall and 7-9’ feet.

Pinky Winky will grow to be 8-10’ tall and 6-8’ wide.  Full flowers emerge creamy white.  Vibrant pink creeps up the flower clusters as the blossoms age.

Quick Fire, as the name suggests, is the quickest to bloom.  Lacey cream flowers emerge as early as late May and begin to mature to deep pink a full month before the rest.  6-8’ tall and wide.

Vanilla Strawberry’s flowers begin a creamy white becoming a blend of vanilla and pink, and finally transitioning to strawberry red. 6-7’ tall x 5-6’ wide.