Hydrangea Trees – Gorgeous and Versatile

Very few ornamental trees can match trees form hydrangeas for beautiful blossoms, ability to grow well in part sun or full sun, few disease issues, very long bloom time, compact size, and easy maintenance.  Wholesale nurseries prune hydrangea shrubs into small trees with a single stem, with the first branches at heights varying from 24″ to 60″ high.  From this height, a fairly round head develops, maturing to heights of 6′ to 10′.

Ten years ago, we planted a Tardiva Hydrangea tree and have enjoyed over 2 months of beautiful blossoms every years.  Each fall we spend 10 minutes clipping off spent blossoms, and over the years it reached a height of 9 1/2′.  Last fall, I did a radical pruning back to 5′ tall.  The regrowth was amazing.  By mid-June our hydrangea tree was a gorgeous and full ornamental tree.  Right now, it is loaded with blossoms that will give us enjoyment until October.  That’s an easy and versatile ornamental tree that is first rate.

Blossoms of the Limelight Tree Hydrangea

My favorite tree form hydrangeas varieties are the Limelight, Pink Diamond, Quickfire, and Tardiva.  Right now they are in their glory – stop in for a quick look!