Hydrangea Trees Put on a Show

Limelight Tree Hydrangea1p1010007-thumb.jpgFrom mid-summer all the way into fall, it’s hard to find a class of ornamental trees that can put on a show as breathtaking and long lasting as the hardy hydrangea trees.  Hardy is an understatement.  The entire paniculata family of hydrangeas are so cold hardy that there are several really nice ones growing in front yards in Ely, MN where it hits 40 to 50 degrees F below zero almost every winter.  Those tough hydrangea trees in Ely appear to be 30 to 50 years old and are still blooming beautifully.

Some of the nicer varieties of tree hydrangea we have grown are Pink Diamond, Limelight, Pinky Winky, Tardiva, Quickfire, Vanilla Strawberry and Phantom.  The Phantom Hydrangea tree and Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea Tree are brand new this year and both are producing large and dense white blossoms that last for two months and gradually turn from pure white to pink.

When I first planted a Tardiva hydrangea tree in a large planting bed on the valley side of my home, I wasn’t really sure how much I would like it.  Twelve years later, I am a raving fan.  Throughout these 12 years, we have enjoyed the large white blossoms of our Tardiva tree hydrangea every August, September and even October.  On Tardiva, the blossoms stay fairly upright, which really presents them well for a great visual impact.

Come on in to the garden center this August and see for yourself the many lovely tree hydrangeas we have in stock and ready for adoption.  I’m sure that when you take one home it will become one of your favorite trees.  It’s also really pretty easy to control the size of hydrangea trees so that you don’t overwhelm a landscape.

Mature sizes range from 5′ to 10′ tall and wide so hydrangea trees can fit in fairly small ares of a landscape.  Plant in a location with part sun up to full sun.  The more sun, the more lush the blossoms!