Important Alert – Protecting Your Land Value

Wild Parsnips

The rapid spread of the nasty weed known as Wild Parsnip along our public roadways is a threat to your land value, a threat to public health and a threat to the health of our environment  Wild Parsnip, better known as Poison Parsnip, is now spreading from public roadsides where control measures by units of government have been either non-existent or too little, too late.

Only a few progressive units of government have taken decisive action to halt the spread of Poison Parsnip from road rights of way onto private land and, these units of government should be commended for their efforts and encouraged by the public to greatly expand their eradication efforts of this dangerous noxious weed.  If human skin comes into contact with the sap of Wild Parsnip (Poison Parsnip) this time of year, very nasty chemical burns can occur that are worse than Poison Ivy and the affected area of skin may become permanently photo sensitive to sunlight and require avoidance of exposure to sunlight for years thereafter.

To protect your land value, and your ability to freely use your land without fear of harm to human skin, please talk to the public officials who are responsible for the maintenance of public roadsides, parks, walking trails, bike trails and nature areas to take immediate and decisive action to eradicate Poison Parsnip (Wild Parsnip) from the public spaces and prevent it from contaminating private land, and causing private property to become blighted and far less valuable land.

The speed at which Wild Parsnip (Poison Parsnip) is spreading along public spaces is remarkable and daunting.  A common response by officials responsible for the roadways is that they don’t have the money to combat Poison Parsnips.  The solution is two fold:  Re-allocated money and raise more money.  We will be far better off paying a little more in taxes to eradicate Wild Parsnips from the public roadsides and public lands than to have our land values decimated if the Poison Parsnip gets out of hand on our private land, and private landowners are saddled with the costs of combating Wild Parsnips.

Our land values are at risk if public governments and road authorities do not immediately implement very aggressive and widespread programs to eradicate Wild Parsnip from roadsides and public land and thereby prevent it’s spread to private land.  Please support the public officials and elected representatives of our townships, cities, counties, state and federal government that are brave enough to take decisive action immediately.  Time is running out to address the problem due to the very rapid spread of Wild Parsnip.  To make control efforts far more effective, other noxious weeds should be controlled at the same time, such as Poison Ivy, Canada Thistle, Bull Thistle, Leafy Spurge, Buckthorn,  weed trees and other problem weeds.

Please talk to officials at all units of government, and encourage them, support them and become part of the solution.  By doing so you will protect your land value and the free and safe use of your land.