Improving Soil Quality

Newly tilled soil
Newly tilled soil

There’s not much I can think of that improves the growth of trees, shrubs, perennials, annual flowers and vegetables, more than improving soil quality.  One of the easiest ways to improve soil quality

is to till large amounts of organic matter into your soil.

Working organic matter into your soil accomplishes two important things.  The digging / tilling of your soil loosens compacted soil so the roots of your landscape plants can quickly and easily grow out into the surrounding soil, creating a far larger and better structured root system.  A bigger better root system translates directly into bigger, healthier plants.

Secondly, the addition of the organic matter provides food for your landscape plants that has plenty of basic nutrients, and also lots of beneficial micro-nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms.  When you add organic materials to your soil such as composted leaves, composted garden waste and composted manure, you provide a nutrient source that is slowly released and available over a long period of time.  This helps assure that periods of nutrient deficiencies are unlikely.

Cowsmo Composted Organic Manure
Cowsmo Composted Organic Manure

Composting your yard waste and food waste can be a great way to produce excellent organic matter to add to your gardens.  If you prefer to purchase products to add organic matter to your gardens, we have Cowsmo Compost, Sustane composted turnkey manure,  a locally produced composted cow manure and spaghum peat moss.

We also sell a wonderful landscape garden soil mix comprised of 40% black dirt, 40% peat, 10% composted manure and 10% sand for improved workability.  This is available in bulk for you to pickup at our garden center, or we can deliver a pile to your property.

However you manage to add organic matter to your soil, you are likely to have healthier and happier plants in your landscape.

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