Incrediball Hydrangea

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIncrediball Hydrangea is a fairly new shrub that lives up to it’s name.  As an improved version of Grandma’s old fashioned Annabelle Hydrangea, Incrediball features significantly larger and showier blossoms that are held on stronger, sturdier stems.  Incrediball is a plant in the Proven Winner line of plants.

Incrediball Hydrangea not only has huge blossoms, but manages to do well in a wide variety of soil types while producing large numbers of pure white round flowers.  Since Incrediball Hydrangea does best when it has plenty of available water and fertility, it may be wise to avoid it’s use in sandy, gravelly soils that have poor moisture retention.

Incrediball Hydrangea is also versatile when it comes to the amount of sunlight required.  Incrediball Hydrangea can grow well in full sun, part sun, and even in mostly shade.  For a flowering shrub that is amazing versatility!  It’s always nice to enter a fairly shady garden in midsummer and be greeted with a vibrant display of lush, round, white blossoms.

Incrediball Hydrangea is easy to grow and pretty free of pests and disease problems.  Simple to manage in the landscape – Incrediball prospers with a quick cut back from it’s summer height of about 3′-4′ to anywhere from 24″ to as little as 6″ tall.  After a few seasons, you will learn how much you prefer to cut back Incrediball.  If you cut it back all the way to a few inches, you will not kill or injure the plant.  Prune in late fall, or very early spring/late winter.

Here at the garden center – you will be able to see the incredible blossoms of the Incrediball Hydrangea!