Invincebelle Spirit Hydrangea

Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea®!  

The first pink Annabelle.  Easy to grow – blooms every year on new wood!  Will start to bloom in early summer and continue right until frost.  The blooms start out a bright hot pink and fade to a light pink as they mature.  Attracting butterflies and birds – you can plant this incredible plant in sun to partial shade in zones 3-9.

At the nursery we drive by our hydrangea production area each day and it is so beautiful right now.  All of the hydrangeas are starting to blossom and the pink of the Invincebelle is so outstanding!

Part of the proceeds of the sales of Invincebelle Spirit go to fight breast cancer!  Selected as a plant to be sold under the Proven Winners label – you can’t go wrong with putting this hydrangea into your landscape!