Irish Luck Hosta

IMG_2853For those that know me – know that I have a little bit of an addiction to hosta plants.   Since we live in the woods and the sunny area plants that I loved didn’t do well, my attention went to hostas.  That was 22 years ago!

I have my favorites – most of which have color variegations – two toned – three toned ivory with blue, yellow with bluer tones – but one of my new hosta last year – really impressed me and it was a plain green.  Planted in 2012 – last year it took off and showed me what it was made of.

Irish Luck!  We have it in the garden that flanks our front sidewalk and this area gets a fair amount of sun (in the woods that means about 5 hours during the mid day) and it performed brilliantly the entire season.  Incredibly glossy green leaves – it is a vigorous grower.  It has pie crust like rippled margins, deep veining and the leaves are of good substance.

It’s upright form stood out and made me notice it every time I walked by.  The flowers – a deep lavender that are slightly fragrant.  That is an added bonus.    Irish Luck will grow to be about 18-24 inches tall.

I had Irish Luck on my order for this season, but after I observed this plant last year – I doubled the amount I usually order because I truly believe that this is a winner in the hosta division.  You can use it as a specimen – or lining the back of the shade garden – combine them with planters of annuals for a real eye-catching display – and about any combination of other hosta.  The green will add depth to your hosta garden or accent the other hosta around it.