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Is it ok to plant now? Tips for fall planting.

Fall Sugar Maples

As the season winds down, we are often asked if it’s still ok to plant trees. We have good news! It is an excellent time to plant! The cooler weather is gentler on new plantings and makes it easier to keep up with watering. The end of the season signals to plants that it’s time to put energy into roots rather than shoots, which is great when establishing new trees and shrubs.

Tips for fall planting:


Mulch is always a great idea, but it is especially important when planting in cooler weather. Mulch protects the root zone from temperature fluctuations and helps retain the moisture that is essential for winter survival. 3-4” of wood mulch is great for trees and shrubs. Perennials planted late in the season also benefit from wood mulch or a layer of fallen leaves. Just be sure to pull the leaves back when new growth emerges in spring.


Your plants won’t use as much water as the weather cools down, but don’t neglect them! Make sure to continue watering until the ground is frozen. Good hydration is key to insulating the roots and minimizing winter burn. Follow our handy watering guide and you’ll be sure to have happy plants in spring.

Don’t cut back perennials

Many perennials do very well with late planting, but you can add some extra insurance by leaving the top growth on your new plants. Along with mulch and hydration, leaving the foliage on top helps protect the crowns and get them through winter happily. Cut back the dead foliage in spring when new growth starts showing.