It’s Bulb Time

It’s getting cooler outside, and that means it’s time to get your bulbs in the ground! What’s not to love about a bulb garden? Cheerful green shoots beckon spring and handsome flowers awaken our senses after a frigid winter. 

Early delights include Siberian squill, crocus, snowdrops, and daffodils. Hyacinths smell better than even the sweetest perfume. The unique Drumstick Allium makes a statement. Tulips look amazing planted in masses- just ask the Dutch!

Bulb pro tips: Dig your planting hole to accommodate the size of the bulb. Big bulbs like tulips and alliums want to be deeper in the ground while smaller bulbs like crocus and snowdrops can be closer to the soil surface- follow the recommendations on the box. Amending the planting hole with bone meal gives bulbs the best chance to root in and ensures a fabulously floriferous display in spring. Choose a sunny site with good drainage to discourage bulb rot and water them in well after planting.

With just a little bit of work this fall, you can rely on these fantastic spring and summer flowers for years.  Finally, our most important tip- enjoy!