It’s Hydrangea time!

Incrediball Hydrangea

It’s that time of year when the hydrangeas start to blossom.  The different varieties have somewhat of a staggered time frame of beginning to bloom – but they will flower all the way into late September to early October!

The hydrangea shrubs come in many different varieties.  There are ones that will be 6′-8′ tall and wide and several quite a bit smaller – 3′ tall and wide.  The blossom color ranges from white to deep pink/red.  The Limelight hydrangea comes out white and then transforms into a beautiful lime green.  Quickfire – will be a pinkish white color early and transcend into a deep pink. 

There are also the hydrangea trees.  Wonderful ornamental trees for that accent spot where you don’t want a shrub but not a tree.  Well the hydrangea trees are perfect.  Most will be 6′ to 8′ tall and about 6′ to 7′ wide.  We have several hydrangea trees in the yard, and when you drive into the yard when the light is low – their blossoms appear to be beacons in the dark.  

Hydrangeas can do full sun but they are also part shade plants which makes them really versatile.  They like to be planted in well drained soil, but they do want to be kept well watered.  

An added perk to the hydrangea shrubs and trees is the clipping of the flower stalks and having dried flower arrangements inside and out.  

We have many varieties of hydrangea trees and shrubs.  Stop in and pick yours out and enjoy 3 months of beautiful blossoms!