Japanese Tree Lilac











A bright spot in the early summer landscape is the very fragrant and showy Japanese Tree Lilac.  Large creamy white blossoms open an Japanese Tree Lilacs about a month after most of the lilac shrubs start their bloom period.

A nice feature of the Japanese Tree Lilac is their ability to grow and maintain good vigor when planted in somewhat alkaline clay soils, as long as the location drains properly.  Lilacs planted in soggy soils are likely to decline and will eventually drown out.

The common Japanese Tree Lilac grows to a height of 30′-35′ tall and almost as wide.  ‘Ivory Silk’ Japanese Tree Lilac  and ‘Ivory Pillar’ Japanese Tree Lilac maintain a shorter and narrower size of 20′-25′ feet tall by 10′-15′ wide.

‘Snow Dance’ Japanese Tree Lilac is a very new variety that blooms heavily and has a big added benefit of producing no seeds.  This means that after the amazing display of huge fragrant blooms has faded, ‘Snowdance’ Japanese Tree Lilac will have a more handsome appearance throughout the following summer, fall and winter.

As you drive around the next week or so, take note of all the beautiful Japanese Tree Lilacs that are blooming.  Pictured here is a younger tree that we installed on a landscape project and a mature tree in the landscape!