Japanese Tree Lilac

IMG_2393Japanese Tree Lilacs are now in full bloom and putting on quite a show!  Japanese Tree Lilacs are versatile and hardy ornamental trees that have very showy blossoms AND are among the most fragrant small trees that grow well in the upper Midwest.

Alkaline soils are a problem for some ornamental trees,  but Japanese Tree Lilac is able to tolerate these difficult soils and be very healthy and beautiful flowering trees in the these challenging landscapes of southern Minnesota.  A wide variety of Japanese Tree Lilac selections are available, with size ratings as short as 12′-15′ or as tall as 40′.  Widths range from as little as 8′-10′, up to as wide as 40′ or more.  Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac has been very successful, as well as other cultivars such as Snowdance, Snow Cap and Summer Storm.

Japanese Tree Lilac blossom about a month after most of the other lilac varieties, which nicely extends the spring flowering season.  Give Japanese Tree Lilac a try for great blossoms and exquisite fragrance.  Avoid planting in soggy ground.