Japanese Tree Lilac

Japanese Tree Lilac – a wonderful ornamental tree!  It’s tough as nails.  We have three of these trees planted here at home.  One out in our meadow which has been there for many years, and we have two new ones in our yard – replacing some of the victims to last fall’s tornado.  

These trees bloom about a month later than the lilac shrubs.  They are covered in clusters of large white FRAGRANT blossoms and have very few problems.  

There are several different varieties – basically covering size and width differences.  Some of the older varieties have lots of blooms one year, and a lighter bloom set the next.  Newer cultivars have a little more consistent blossoming.  

You will find Japanese Tree Lilacs in clump form or as a single stem tree.  It is strictly personal preference – what works best in your landscape.    They perform best in full sun – prefers well drained areas and will grow in a variety of soil types – even clay.  When planted in shady areas, you may experience some mildew.  

We are seeing these trees used in boulevards quite often.  They perform well in adverse conditions, which are typically found along city streets.   One of the car dealerships here in Northfield has them planted in their parking lot island coming in and out of the dealership. These trees are beautiful.  A parking lot has hot asphalt on both sides – and in the winter – lots of snow, ice and road salt that will find it’s way to the tree.   The tallest cultivar will grow to a mature height of 20′-25′ making it a great choice for under powerlines.

Consider the Japanese Tree Lilac.  Some of the cultivars we carry are the standard Japanese Tree Lilac, Snowcap, Snowdance, Summer Storm and Ivory Silk.