Japanese Tree Lilacs


In mid to late June, Japanese Tree Lilacs put on a really nice show with their large cone shaped creamy white blossoms that are also very fragrant.  I love Japanese Tree Lilacs not only because they have lush, large fragrant blossoms, but also because they are tough!

If you struggle with clay soils, Japanese Tree Lilacs may be a good choice if you make sure they pick a location where the clay is well drained.  Lilacs of all kinds absolutely hate wet feet, but can grow

quite nicely in clay soil as long as its not a soggy, poorly drained spot.

‘Ivory Silk’ Japanese Tree Lilac has become very popular with its more upright than spreading shape.  The common Japanese Tree Lilac and ‘Snowdance’ Japanese Tree Lilacs are rounded and wider spreading.  While ‘Ivory Pillar’ and ‘Snowcap’ Japanese Tree Lilac are smaller and narrower.  ‘Summer Storm’ Japanese Tree Lilac is another vigorous new variety.   While Japanese Tree Lilac will grow well in rich and fertile soils, they remain one of the best options for a flowering tree on sites where there is lots of clay, in a well drained spot.  Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of a Japanese Tree Lilac.Japanese Tree Lilac