Japanese Tree Lilacs

Japanese Tree LilacAmong the hardiest and toughest of ornamental trees, the Japanese Tree Lilacs are now forming blossoms and will be soon displaying their large airy flower clusters that are not only very showy, but also extremely fragrant.  Excellent varieties of Japanese Tree Lilac are available in single stem or clump form, including Ivory Silk, Snow Cap, Ivory Pillar and the newer Snowdance which is seedless. Every year I look forward to those June days when the Japanese Tree Lilacs are in bloom and the winds are light to clam.  Under these conditions the sweet fragrance of a large Japanese Tree Lilac can transform an entire city block into a magical zone of summer enchantment.  It’s a joy to experience, and a seasonal connection to the natural world when the entire web of life is in high gear. Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac is a fairly upright variety that has a proven track record over many decades.  Snow Cap is one of the smallest varieties, so it is useful where there is limited space.  Ivory Pillar is also a good choice in tight quarters, and the seedless Snowdance variety developed by Bailey Nurseries presents a more handsome appearance during fall, winter and early spring. Japanese Tree Lilacs can handle tough sites.  Full sun, exposed locations and even the brutal conditions on a boulevard or highway right of way are all situations where I have seen Japanese Tree Lilacs do well.  The two things you should avoid when choosing a site for a Japanese Tree Lilac are soggy poorly drained areas and areas that are shaded for more than 1/2 of th3 day during the growing season. Japanese Tree Lilacs require well drained soil and 1/2 day to full day sun in order to be healthy and vibrant.  Mature sizes range from 15′ to 35′ tall by 10′ to 30′ wide, so choose the varieties that fits the space you have available.P6040004