Knecht’s 8th Annual Kid’s Planting Day!

Belinda Kids Planting     Join us at the nursery on Saturday, April 23rd from 10:30-11:30 for our annual Kid’s Planting Day! Work with your child(ren) to fill their planter(s) with the help and instruction of Knecht’s staff. We provide the pot, selected annuals, potting mix, and all the care the plants need until Mother’s Day Weekend, when kids can pick up their planters decorated with a bow and Mother’s Day Pick! This year we are offering three price points…$6.00 for an 8” plastic pot, $10.00 for a hanging basket, or $20.00 for a 6” pink ceramic pot – proceeds from the pink ceramic pots were donated to breast cancer research. You may reserve and purchase multiple planters for children who would like to give a planter to a grandma, aunt, or other important woman in their lives for Mother’s Day! Call or email to reserve your preferred planter(s) today. This event is hosted in one of our heated greenhouses, so it’ll be nice and warm even if the weather is cool or rainy.