Knecht’s, Where Plants and People Meet!

The winter white is lovely, but I’m already dreaming of greenhouses bursting at the seams with green leafy things, the hearty smell of sun warmed potting mix, and a bounty of blossoms. So here’s a fix for all our friends from seasons past, and for the new friends we haven’t met yet!  Eighty-five seconds of forward thinking, to jump-start and inspire continued growth in 2017. Thank you everyone, and enjoy the preview!

4 thoughts on “Knecht’s, Where Plants and People Meet!”

  1. Hi Cathy,

    Yes, we can certainly sell you a t-shirt! It’s $12 for a short sleeve, $15 for a long sleeve, and a few $’s for shipping. You can reach us at the office right now from 9-2 Monday through Friday, we’ll get your info and your shirt in the mail. Thank you!

  2. Hi Liam,
    We have stopped carrying Prairie Rose. It was promoted as seedless, and we found that it bore fruit. Also, it wasn’t as disease resistant as we would have liked. That’s not to say we couldn’t order one for you. I will let Bernie know what you are looking for. She will contact you with pricing and availability.
    Thank you!

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