Landscape Design

Snowbanks are receding, the sun is growing stronger day by day, sap is flowing in the Sugar Maple trees, the male wild turkeys are fanning their tail feathers to show off for the hens.  The natural world is waking up from a very long winter of dormancy, a sure sign that it’s time for Landscape Design.

If you have been thinking about creating a more pleasant and inviting area in your yard, it’s a great time to consult a landscape designer, and begin the planning process even as the snowdrifts melt away.  Using a trained and experienced designer to create just the right atmosphere in a part of your landscape can pay big dividends – both in terms of your enjoyment of your property, and when it comes time to sell. 

Our landscape designer, Mike Mesch, would be happy to schedule an initial visit to your site to answer your questions, and evaluate how your landscape dreams can be realized.  Call or contact us below and we will get you started.