Landscaping at 711 Division Street

Today, we started the first phase of the landscape renovation to the building at 711 Division Street here in Northfield.  The proud new owners of the building are Stan Hup and Kevin Rodgers of Northfield Insurance here in town.

This fall, we will be tearing out the existing landscaping around the building, and this winter, our landscape designer, Kristin Lucas, will be working with Stan and Kevin on a new look for the building.   In the spring, the second phase of the landscape project will be completed.   Shown to the right is our crew removing the privacy fences that were located in front of the office windows.  Jim Westlund, Todd Marnie, Dan Parrott, and Luis Olave are a great team in moving this project forward!

 Steve Schmidt Construction is doing the remodeling work on the building – getting it ready for the offices of Northfield Insurance.