We provide residential clients with a wide range of landscaping services — from providing plants and some design assistance for the do-it-yourself homeowner to a complete landscape design and installation. An incredible landscape starts out with a creative landscape.   Our landscape designer will create a landscape plan that adds beauty and distinction to your home. You may also want to see information on our Design Services.

Our landscape installation crew is ready to take the project from start to finish and all you have to do is enjoy the remarkable results. Whether your project calls for trees, shrub and perennial beds, edging, boulder walls, keystone retaining walls, layered limestone walls, patios, a small pond, a dry creek bed, a windbreak, privacy screen or more, our crews will be here to help!  If you want to start the design process – just contact us and we’ll get you started!

We employ certified nursery and landscape professionals who are committed to providing the best in customer service, and our extensive in-house plant production program assures you the highest quality locally grown, northern hardy plant materials.

One of the services that we offer is the sales and installation of larger trees. We have six fields of trees and for those customers desiring a larger tree to start with, we can get you one! These trees need to be moved with a tree spade truck.

Below you will find four different projects that will showcase a few of our landscape projects.

Project 1: This project began with a blank canvas. A brand new house on a city lot. The owners wanted to start with larger trees, and that is where our project began. We tree spaded large trees in and planted some larger balled and burlapped trees. Next came the foundations plantings, boulder outcroppings and we completed the project with sodding the yard. A complete and functional transformation.  In the slide show – the last dozen or so pictures are “One Year Later”!  Beautiful:

Project 2: The owners of this home have lived there for quite a while and never quite used the side yard except for a way to get to the back of the house. Desiring a place to enjoy the outdoors, we embarked on creating for them an outdoor room. This beautiful patio offers plenty of room, a sitting wall which creates extra places to sit and enjoy the view of the woods, and a finished walkway leading to the back of the house:

Project 3: The owners here retired to Northfield from a larger yard and gardening area. Not quite wanting to give up their love of working in the yard, we created a stairway using natural stone steps, a flagstone sidewalk, raised/terraced areas to veggie garden, and a curving pathway through shrub and perennial plantings:

Project 4: This is a “Hidden Patio Paradise”.  A formerly unwelcoming space now transformed into an area to enjoy, entertain and relax.  A new patio and landscape plantings will allow this homeowner to have an extra “outdoor” room.  Views overlooking a pond and abundant bird activity will provide hours of enjoyment in this hidden patio paradise:

Area's largest Garden Center. Home of Peak Performance Trees.

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