Late Blooming Chelone, Turtlehead

Chelone lyonii ‘Hot Lips’ AKA: Pink Turtlehead

The aptly-named Turtlehead is a fall favorite! Not only do their beautiful blossoms resemble the shape of a turtle’s head, but late-blooming Turtlehead  takes all season to come out of its shell. And it’s worth the wait! These long-blooming, late season perennials are tolerant of shade and moisture. Their showy flowers do for the shade what sedum and asters do for us out in the full sun. Lovely, clear pink flowers are brilliant against their deep green disease-resistant foliage. Their fast growing habit will quickly reach 2′ tall and wide.  Turtlehead is a great selection for shaded landscape borders and perennial beds, woodland gardens and wet areas!