Let’s Get Growing! Get those Tender Veggies Planted

When it’s warm outside and the threat of frost has passed, it’s finally time to plant out crops like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and herbs. These plants do not appreciate cold weather, and could be stunted or killed by a late frost. If you must plant them earlier, provide some sort of protection like a sheet, row cover, or cold frame.

If you haven’t amended your beds yet, work fertilizer into the soil or use a liquid feed. Make sure you pinch off any early flowers so that young plants can focus on establishing strong roots. Remove “suckers” from tomato plants. Set up any supports, like trellises and tomato cages, when plants are small. 

When planting tender veggies including cucumbers, watermelons, beans, and squash, be sure any tightly wound roots are loosened. This establishes a big root system making a happy and productive plant. Water new plantings well and keep the soil moist but not soggy. Remember to give the big guys plenty of room to grow. One watermelon can overtake a whole garden!   Keep an eye out for signs of disease like brown spots or yellowing on stems and leaves and treat as needed by cutting off affected leaves or applying fungicide sprays.