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Let’s Get Growing! Preparing your Veggie Garden

Thinking about growing vegetables this summer? That’s great! We’re here to help! Nothing compares to the flavor of a fresh tomato, plucked straight from the plant and still warm from the sun. Here’s a quick ‘n dirty guide to getting started. 

Prepare Your Garden Site

Most vegetables thrive in full sun, so pick a spot in the yard that gets 8 hours of sun a day. Avoid spots that have poor drainage- standing water and constantly soggy soil encourage rot and disease.

Consider your water source and place the garden within easy reach so that keeping your plants hydrated at the height of summer is convenient. 

Amend your beds with soil mix, compost, and fertilizer as desired. Slow release fertilizer like Osmocote and organic fertilizers like blood meal and Cowsmo aged compost are excellent options.

For raised beds and containers, a well-drained soil mix enriched with organic material is ideal. Our soil mix is black gold for growing veggies!

Pick Your Veggies

Decide what vegetables you want to grow. Tomatoes, peppers, beans, and cucumbers are great options for beginning gardeners.

Measure your beds and plan placement of your crops. Make sure to allow enough room for ultimate height and width of your veggies and good airflow between plants. They won’t be babies forever!

In a few weeks you can start planting! In the meantime, check out our guides to planting cold hardy and warm weather crops.