Lilium ‘Cobra’ Oriental Lily


IMG_2412Today, Heidi Brosseau, our retail manager, was so excited by the blossoms of a new variety of lily that we’re carrying this year.  She submits the following blog!

When you see the “striking” beauty of each blossom and the depth of color in every petal you can’t help but come in for a closer look.  When you’re close enough to smell the lovely and classic lily fragrance then you are close enough to be bitten.  Many visitors to our nursery are familiar with the Stargazer and Casa Blanca Oriental Lilies.  This year we added ‘Cobra’, one of the darkest red orientals, to our Oriental Lily selection and it has not disappointed!  The first large, upward-facing blossoms have just opened in the last day or so and are truly stunning.  Each dark red petal is trimmed with a thin white edge.  Ideal for cutting gardens and beds and borders near paths or sitting areas where the fragrance and beauty can be truly enjoyed.


Here’s the dirt on Lilium ‘Cobra’

‘Cobra’ blooms in midsummer and prefers full sun to light shade.  They are tolerant of a wide range of soils but do best in a nice loamy well drained site.  ‘Cobra’ matures at 32” Tall and should be spaced about 12” apart.  Regular watering is important until the plant(s) are properly established.  Rudbeckia/Black-Eyed Susan, Liatris/Blazing Star and ornamental grasses all make excellent companion plants for this beauty.