Little Lime Hydrangea

Little Lime Hydrangea™ is awesome!   We have just taken these out of our production area as they are now ready for sales and they are “flying off the shelves” so to speak!  New this year, they are from the Proven Winners line of plants and it is definitely a winner.

The dwarf version of Limelight Hydrangea, also in the Proven Winner lineup, it is one third the size which enables it to fit more easily into urban landscapes.  Hardy to Zone 3 – you’ll be seeing many more of them in Minnesota in the years to come.  The height and width of this plant is only 3′-4′ which will make it very versatile.  The standability of these young shrubs is just amazing. 

We just had a customer in this morning – coming all the way from the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities metro area because we were the only ones that had these plants.  She had called all of the major garden centers in the metro area and came up empty on all counts.  This is one of the areas that we are striving for is to have the plants that people are looking for.  We stock the standard plants that are needed, but we try to reach out and get the new varieties and try some that have been around for a while, but not found commonly on the marketplace.