Locally Grown Annuals – Sometimes Size Does Matter

Spring planting is upon us and we have made some “BIG” changes to our bedding plant program here at Knecht’s Nurseries and Landscaping for the 2012 season.  We have decided to “Buy Local” and have switched to local growers for all of our bedding plants including vegetables, herbs, accent plants and baskets.  Because of our commitment to local growers, our4 paks are going through a very noticeable upgrade!  The volume of potting mix that each 4 pak holds is approximately 4 ounces greater than the 4 paks we used to have shipped in from hundreds of miles away.  When you come in this spring, you will not only see the visual difference in the size of the 4 paks but more importantly, you will see the difference in the results.  Because of the additional growing medium provided by the large volume 4 paks, our plants are able to develop healthier root structure, they will be quicker to establish and less stressed by transplanting giving you better results with more blossoms faster!

Blog submitted by Heidi Brosseau.