Magnolia Magnifica

Winter hardy Magnolias are bursting into bloom all across southern Minnesota.  A few days after the bright yellow color bursts of the Fosythias start, the Magnolias swell and unfold their visual feasts of white/pink and reddish purple blossoms.

Royal Star Magnolia and Merrill’s Magnolia sport pure white blossoms, while Leonard Messel Magnolia delights the eye with a delicate pink and Ann Magnolia – a rich deep reddish purple.

These Magnolia varieties have proved themselves very hardy, even in tough Minnesota winters.  Mature sizes range from 10 feet up to 40 feet, depending on the cultivar your choose, so allow enough space for these magnificent small trees to reach their full potential.  Magnolias are able to prosper in locations with 1/2 day sun to full sun.