Majestic Skies Northern Pin Oak

Every autumn as the glorious fall colors of the maples and Big Tooth Aspens fade, my eye turns to the visual delights of the Northern Pin Oak, which hold russet colored leaves on their branches throughout most of the winter.  Bailey Nurseries from St. Paul has brought an outstanding new selection to the market recently and bestowed upon it the regal name of Majestic Skies Northern Pin Oak.

Lovely red leaf colors in mid to late October, straighter and more evenly spaced branching, a good central leader, and darker green summer leaf color, make Majestic Skies Northern Pin Oak highly desirable.  Lots of sunlight and deep rich acidic soils will provide the setting in which Majestic Skies Northern Pin Oak will flourish and grow quickly into a beautiful shade tree.First Editions Majestic Skies Northern Pin Oak is a distinct improvement over the species with straighter branching and more evenly sized. Foliage is more substantial and darker green. Excellent red fall color.

Majestic Skies Northern Pin Oak grows to a substantial size of 50 to 60 feet tall by 45 feet wide at maturity.  As snowbanks grow ever deeper, the Majestic Skies Northern Pin Oak brings life to the dull winter landscape with its splash of rusty brown leaves.  This can be especially handsome when mixed in the landscape with spruce, pine and paper birch.

With just a little tender loving care, Oaks will grow into prized specimens much more quickly than most people imagine.  Just add a modest dose of fertilizer, a few waterings during dry spells, and keep the area around the trunk mulched with bark / wood chips, and your Majestic Skies Northern Pin Oak will grow nicely and provide years of enjoyment.