Marian Heggedahl

This week, my Mother, Marian Heggedahl, age 90, passed away.    After my Dad passed away,  she needed to keep busy so she would drive over here to the nursery in the Spring – and help pot up perennials, hosta and small trees.  She would bring lunch for us when she would come which was a great help to me since I didn’t have to think about  it.    She’d help other times during the season, but when we had so many plants to do in the early part of the season, she’d love to come and help.  We had two other retirees – Norbert Skluzacek and John Koktavy (former farmers) who also helped in this area.  Mom would ask about Norbert and John – and they would always ask about her.  The over 70 club had such a great work ethic and the genuine respect they had for each other was so heartwarming.Mom

Just 6 short weeks ago, we celebrated her 90th birthday and we gave her 90 scratch off tickets – one for every year – and just a couple of weeks ago –  her lungs started to say they’d had enough and she passed shortly after midnight on Tuesday morning.  She was quiet and preferred not to be in the limelight – so this is a salute to you, Mom.  May you rest in peace.

She loved the color red – and flowers.  To my Mom – your last rose.  I love you!