Miniature Hosta

Miniature Hosta Garden
Miniature Hosta Garden

Miniature hosta are so versatile.  They can be used in a little garden all by themselves with some “accents” like I have added in one of my hosta gardens, or they can be placed among some boulder outcroppings to provide a pop of color or even in planters.

If you are short on room, but have alot of shade – this is definitely a plant type that you would want to consider.  We carry about 15 different variety of miniature hosta.  Some will grow to only 3″ high by 6″ wide.

If you plant them in a planter – you will need to bring the planter into an unheated garage – preferably next to the house wall – where it will benefit from the “freezing” part of the winter dormancy – but not freeze to hard.

Stop in, take a look at the many different miniature hosta we  have available and let your imagination run!