Minnesota Hardy Mum

Minnesota Hardy Mums

Mums are a long-time favorite for refreshing planters late in the season and providing fabulous fall color. Why stop at containers though? Planting Minnesota hardy mums in the garden expands the fall show far beyond the front porch.

Minnesota Hardy Mum
Minnesota Hardy Mum bud just beginning to open

Nervous about trying mums in the ground? Don’t be! Many concerns about the toughness of Minnesota hardy mums can be addressed by earlier planting. Getting them in the ground as soon as possible is the best plan for success. Like many other perennials, mums need time to establish before cold weather sets in. Once planted, provide regular water, apply mulch, and wait until spring to cut plants back.

In spring, cut dead foliage all the way down to the ground and add a balanced fertilizer or some compost to give new growth a boost. To ensure the most attractive plants, cut mums back by about half by the 4th of July to encourage stout, bushy growth. The stockier plants that result from pruning are better equipped to support the extremely floriferous display! 

Mums appreciate a well-drained soil, so when selecting a site, be sure to avoid areas that experience standing water. Protect delicate branches by planting mums where they will be protected from high winds. 

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