Minnesota Hardy Redbud

p1010016-2p1010014-2Today we planted a new balled and burlapped Minnesota Hardy Redbud in Bridge Square along the river.   We were hired by the Northfield Garden Club to plant this tree as part of their continuing contribution to the parks in the City of Northfield.    Funds were also donated from the family of Vera Johansen toward a memorial tree which the Garden Club did put toward this beautiful Redbud.   The photo on the left shows our landscape division manager, Jim Westlund, backfilling the soil in around the ball of the tree. 

The Redbud is a beautiful ornamental tree.  Hardy in zone 4, it will reach a mature size of 20′-30′, with a width of about 20′.  You can find these trees as a single stem or a clump.  The one the Garden Club chose to plant here is a clump form.  Rose-pink flowers will emerge before the leaves appear, followed by fruid pods in May.  The Redbud prefers moist, well-drained soil.  

The flowers are just beginning to emerge now on the Redbuds.  As you drive through town, notice the beauty of the Redbuds the next couple of weeks.  We have Redbuds in stock in smaller #5 containers, in #10 & #15 and balled and burlapped as you see here in the photos.

p1010121 The Redbud pictured here is located in the front yard of a home along St. Olaf Avenue here in Northfield.  This will give you an idea of a more mature Redbud in bloom.