Minnesota Strain – Eastern Redbud

I took this picture a few minutes ago of a stunning Redbud tree here in Northfield along St. Olaf Avenue.  There are Redbuds blooming all around Northfield right now and they are absolutely gorgeous.  The Minnesota Strain of the Eastern Redbud is hardy here in Zone 4.  They prefer moist, well-drained soils and it is best if they are planted in a protected location.  The rose-pink flowers blossom prior to the leaves emerging in the spring.  An ornamental tree – they reach a height of between 20′-30′ and 20′-25′ wide. 

We carry Redbuds in containers and also this year have several Redbud in balled and burlapped form.  We have single stem and clumps available.  Stop in and see them while they are blossoming and imagine one in your yard!