Minnesota Strain Redbud

Redbud along St. Olaf Avenue

I have found myself looking forward to the blossoming of the redbuds that have been planted here and there around town.  Redbuds consistently provide lovely purple blossoms, and usually lots of them.

We recommend the Minnesota Strain Redbud mostly because of their demonstrated hardiness.  As the Magnolia and Forsythia flowers of early spring begin to fade, the Redbud flowers burst right through the bark.  It’s like a miracle every year.  Unlike most flowering shrubs and trees, no flower buds can be seen on the dark grey twigs, yet all of a sudden they are erupting through the bark, and in a few days time, the tree is covered.  Redbud blossoms also seem to last longer than flowering crabs.
Minnesota Strain Redbud favors part fo full sun, and properly drained soil that has some good organic matter content.  Grows to 15′ tall x 15′ wide in 10-15 years here in southern Minnesota.  We have Redbuds available in several different sizes and price points.  Stop in soon to get your very own Redbud.