Moonshadow Tracery

The severe clear of the February full moon brings a legion of shadows marching across the forest floor.  Like soldiers marching shoulder to shoulder, the moonshadows of trees move in unison through the nightscape.

Standing tall and strong, mature trees move little on this windless winter night, but their shadows move constantly as the moon drifts from horizon to horizon.  I’ve seen this dancce of the moonshadows many times before when the snow pack sharpens the stark figures as they grow longer and then shorter throughout the night.

Delicate and severe, the shadows of branches reach out to each other.  Touching and parting repeatedly the shifting tracery speaks of lovers’ arms meeting, embracing and letting go only to seek a new embrace.

The winter forest which sometimes seems so lifeless has come alive this winter’s night as shadows move and dance till dawn.  Moonshadow tracery is working it’s magic, and hints of lively times soon to be upon us when sap rises, buds swell and the entire web of life awakes in a rising crescendo.