More Annual Planters

We still have a very nice selection of annual planters ready to decorate the entrance to your home or business – accents on your deck or patio or wherever you need an additional splash of color.

Arborvitae and annuals
Arborvitae and annuals

Leif found some petunias that he absolutely loved the color of and asked Heidi to create a planter for him.  She asked if she could put anything in it that she wanted and he told her to go for it!  Well – you don’t tell Heidi to just go for it… She created this stunning planter with an arborvitae in the middle surrounded with annuals.   It is now gracing the entrance to our perennial sales area.    Yes, we will take it apart this fall and will plant the arborvitae either in a display bed her or at home since we can’t leave it in the container all winter.  Or we may over-winter it with our other plants this winter and replace the annuals next spring!

Bernie, our retail manager, took two of our largest stone pottery

Blue wave petunias and lobularia

pots and did an arrangement of blue petunias and white lobularia.  This has to be one of the most stunning combinations.  These two planters are available for sale would look fantastic on each side of an entrance.  Next spring – a different color combination can be planted in them!