Mums: Early Planting a Late Blooming Beauty

Hardy mums are out on the benches! It might feel a little early to be talking about these fall stunners, but timing is important with mums if you want to enjoy them year after year. (And we know you do!)

Here are our tips for growing magnificent mums:

Get them in early! Don’t wait until the blooms catch your eye to get your mums planted. Get ahead of the curve and plant now! Earlier planting gives them time to get established before the season winds down- improving their chance of surviving our cold winters.

Mulch! Mulching your plants helps retain soil moisture and protects roots from extreme temperatures. This added insurance is especially important when planting later in the season. Use a 3” layer of shredded leaves or wood mulch.

Cut them back in spring and again in midsummer. Cut back last year’s foliage, down to the ground, in the spring. Add a balanced fertilizer or compost to give new growth a boost. In early July, cut mums back by about half. Pruning them encourages stout, bushy growth that supports the massive fall flower display, and the new growth that results from pruning means even more places for flowers to form!