Hardy Mums are Blooming!

Hardy chrysanthemums are in the house at Knecht’s and they’re starting to pop! We dare to you to resist their bushy foliage and carpet of colorful blooms. Swing on by to see our wide selection of upright and cushion varieties that are guaranteed to make your late summer and fall garden absolutely stunning.

If you want maximum mum power, don’t wait until fall to get these beauties in the ground – giving them plenty of time to establish before cold weather hits is essential for winter survival. Choose a sunny site with good drainage and enough room to give these flowering powerhouses the air circulation they need to avoid disease. Don’t forget to work in some compost or peat and a good fertilizer aimed at boosting blooming power!

Mum pro tips: There’s no need to cut mums back for winter; in fact, they have better survival rates when foliage is left to protect the crown. Clean up dead foliage in spring (and be patient, mums can be slow to wake up after our hard winters) and pinch them back a few times before mid-summer for bushy, beautiful plants.

For your fall decorating, we also have kale, some decorator mums, and red rubrum grass.  The fall perennials would include asters and rudbeckia.

This blog post was submitted by Simone Schneegans from our retail team! Thank you Simone for such a great post!