New Gardening Season – Return of the Knecht’s E-News Coupon

During the gardening (and growing) season, we publish E-News only coupons.  The first coupon for this year went out just this morning.  This coupon will apply toward the purchase of trees and upcoming coupons will feature savings on shrubs, perennials, hosta and other additional savings opportunities.

To receive these coupons, just sign up for our E-news letter which can be done either directly on our website or you can sign up at our Garden Center.    Here is our first coupon for 2012!


Knecht's Nurseries and Landscaping






$10 off your total tree purchase of $50 or more

Coupon cannot be combined with other coupons or multiplied. Only one $10 coupon per customer visit.

Coupon expires May 6, 2012.

Tree Purchase – A single tree priced over $50 qualifies- or several smaller trees with a combined purchase price over $50 also qualfiies for the $10 off. Multiple trees totalling over $50 are eligible for only one $10 off coupon.