North Country Dreaming

Mountain Ash berries
Mountain Ash berries

It’s coming soon.  Every August when a push of cool dry Canadian air works its way into southern Minnesota, I begin to dream about returning to the canoe country of Northern Minnesota and southwestern Ontario at a time of incomparable beauty.

When the Red Maples, Quaking Aspens, Northern Pin Oak, Sugar Maple, Big Tooth Aspen, Birch, Tamarack and Showy Mtn. Ash begin to sow their first blush of fall color, my excitement builds.  It’s coming soon, and one of the very first north country trees to begin decorating the landscape with bright color is our native Showy Mountain Ash.  In early August, large clusters of berries begin to slowly turn orange/red .  By late August the color in these clusters intensifies into a lush display that both attracts and feeds many birds and even some mammals, such as deer, squirrels and mice.  A good-sized Showy Mountain Ash covered with large berry clusters or orange/red is a sight to behold, especially when it occasionally puts on it show while clinging to the edge of a rocky cliff.

Even here in Northfield the Showy Mtn. Ash are now attracting attention with their colorful berries.  It’s coming,  Fall in all of its glory is coming and our native Showy Mountain Ash is leading the way.

Most years the last 15 days of September and first few days of October are the peak of fall color in the Canoe Country.  It’s coming soon.  It will be the North Country in its finest hour and Showy Mtn. Ash will lead the way with the first good color from their berries.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlue skies, sparkling waters and rocky cliffs combine with brilliant reds, yellows and orange to produce an all day long kaleidoscope of color.  Shwy Mtn. Ash has more than berries to help dress the landscape.  When Showy Mtn. Ash leaves turn colors it s a delightful mix of yellow, orange and red.

It’s coming soon.  If you’d like to see a little taste of the show to come, stop in and we will show you the Shwy Mtn. Ash that are already producing the beautiful orange berries, even when they are quite young.  Showy Mtn. Ash prefer well-drained soil, so avoid planting them in wet spots.

Adopt a Showy Mtn. Ash for your property and get a start on your own North Country Dreaming!

NOTE:  Showy Mtn. Ash are not true ash trees, and are not vulnerable to the Emerald Ash Borer which attacks Green Ash, White Ash and Black Ash.  Showy Mtn. Ash are part of the Sorbus genus of trees, while the other Ash trees are members of the Fraxinus genus that is being devastated by the Emerald Ash borer.