Northern Sun Forsythia Tree

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis year it’s hard to believe spring will ever arrive, but I do have faith that in just a few short weeks the Northern Sun Forsythia tree in my yard will be an explosion of brilliant yellow blossoms.  Specialized pruning and staking early in life is used to turn a Northern Sun Forsythia shrub into a tree.

One of the reasons I am a big fan of the Northern Sun Forsythia tree is that it is one of the very first landscape plants to flower every spring.  Another big plus is the flower and hardiness of the North Sun Forsythia tree.  We have seen vigorous blossom production above the winter snow line on the Northern Sun Forsythia tree even after a winter when they went through a cold snap of 30 degrees below zero!

 This is a small tree that is very useful in just about any landscape setting.  Avoid placement in heavy shade or poorly drained areas.  This year consider giing your landscape a burst of spring color with the Northern Sun Forsythia tree.