Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce

Oft overlooked, never disappointing, Norway spruce is an old standby. A reliable, large evergreen that thrives in our cold climate. What the humble Norway lacks in high ornamental value, it makes up for in easy care and a fast growth rate. 

One of the fastest growing spruce we carry, Norway spruce is an excellent choice for areas that could use a mighty evergreen presence. They’re a superb choice for windbreaks, screens, and hedges in large-scale landscapes.

Young trees have a pleasing Christmas tree form that is great for winter decorating. Later on, the branches develop a graceful, pendulous habit and the bark shows a unique grey-brown flake. A mature Norway can grow to 60 feet tall or more and 30 feet wide.

More to Love about Norway Spruce

Norway spruce display good disease resistance. This is, hands down, one of their best characteristics, especially if you’ve encountered evergreen diseases in your landscape.  

Norway spruce are deer resistant. The rigid needles make them less attractive to deer looking for a tasty meal, making them an excellent choice for areas with heavy deer populations.

Norways are relatively undemanding. Their shallow, lateral root systems transplant well, and they adapt to most soils as long as there is adequate drainage and they receive regular water while getting established. Plant them in full sun to maintain denser form and ensure they grow with good vigor.

This is a fast-growing spruce with a large footprint, so pick the planting site accordingly. A small front yard isn’t adequate to accommodate a mature Norway; but a large, open area on the property is an ideal place to let these trees grow to their full potential.

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