November Tree Planting

Most years our crews do a number of tree planting projects from mid-November to late November or early December – and this year is no exception.   We have several hundred balled and burlapped and potted trees still available even after we have covered most of our other trees, shrubs and perennials.  As always – these late season plantings carry the Knecht’s Nurseries warranty, and our customers report that they have  very good results with late season plantings!

We do have limited hours now the last half of November so please give us a call at 507-645-5015 and we can discuss the details of late season tree planting and you can make sure someone is here when you would like to check out the availab le trees!

If you haven’t already protected the trunks on your young trees that you have planted this year or the last few years that are still susceptible to damage from hard frosts this winter or animal damage – we have several varieties of tree guards available for sale.  These will protect the trunks to help prevent frost cracking and keep the critters at bay from snacking on the bark during the winter.