Northern Red Oak

Oak Trees Rock!

N. Pin Oak – Courtesy Bailey Nurseries

Many people are surprised to learn that oak trees can fairly quickly develop into high quality strong and beautiful trees that will add value and enjoyment to your landscape.  A few simple steps will ensure that in just 5 to 10 years, an oak tree will become an impressive part of your landscape.

First, choose an oak variety that is a strong grower such as Red Oak, Swamp White Oak, Heritage Oak and Ancestry Oak.  Second, choose from oak trees grown with special techniques that produce better root structure and more fine roots for ease of transplanting.  Oaks produced with the aid of air root pruning pots have these great root systems.

Be careful to choose a variety of oak that can do well in your soil type.  You may want to get advice on this from a knowledgeable nursery professional.  Use proper planting techniques to avoid future problems.  We have the best planting guides in the industry to help you!

Once your oak tree has been planted, a big key to getting good growth rates is keeping weeds and grass well away from your tree.  A mulched area of 6 ft. in diameter that is free of weeds and grass, and fertilized modestly each year will double the tree growth rate of your oak tree.  When grass is allowed to grow right up to the trunk of any tree, the growth rate is usually cut in half.

Do not put edging around the mulched area.  This will limit root extension and slow down the growth of your new oak tree.

Water just enough, and never too much.  We supply each customer with a watering chart that keeps moisture consistently available without over watering.  Over watering is the most common cause of tree death that we see.

These simply steps will help make your new oak tree a treasured part of your landscape!   Give it a try.  An oak can surprise you with its robust growth and offer enjoyment for decades to come.