One of the Best Reasons to Plant Trees

Last week, Leif was asked by the Northfield News to submit an article for their environmental section.  He did an article detailing some of the best reasons to plant trees – Go Green!

"One of the simplest ways to go green and save greenbacks is to plant trees. When good choices are made for tree varieties and their location in the landscape, new trees can clean the atmosphere, reduce heating and cooling costs, improve property values, and beautify the neighborhood.

From an environmental standpoint, a growing tree converts carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into wood fiber, thereby reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Each tree planted helps a little bit, and if billions of trees are planted world-wide we will collectively help counteract some of our hydrocarbon fuel uses such as gas, diesel, coal and natural gas.

One of our wholesalers shared information that if each driver of a car plants several trees, that this can go a long way toward removing Co2 from the atmosphere that is produced by the operation of that car. If you don’t own property where trees can be sensibly planted, try to find a property owner or public institution that will accept your help with a tree planting project.

The shade from trees helps keep buildings cooler, reducing fossil fuel used to produce the electricity that runs air conditioners by 15% to 50%. Good windbreaks help reduce heating costs in the winter. I recommend that if you are unsure about how to position trees to get this benefit, that you contact a trusted nursery professional for assistance.

Growing trees also produces oxygen. One tree can produce enough in a year for a family of four! Healthy trees can create a satisfying atmosphere that can help us feel rejuvenated from the wear and tear of hectic daily life. Well cared for trees that are well positioned in the landscape can add significantly to the value of a property. These trees are an investment in your property, and an investment that will appreciate over time with a modest amount of care. A nice feature is that you can plant a small tree that is available at a small cost, and in just 3 or 4 years time you will be the proud owner of a tree that would cost many times what was spent for the small tree. With bank interest rates at 1% to 4%, it may be a very good investment by comparison to plant a few small high quality varieties of trees if your lot is looking a little bare.

Over the past several hundred years mankind has devastated the world’s forests. We can all do a little bit to turn things in a positive direction by planting trees whenever you have the opportunity. Go Green — Plant a tree and stay cool. Trees are Cool!

I want to thank Bailey Nurseries for providing much of the information about the positive environmental effects of tree planting!"