Opportunity Knocks for Late Summer Planting

Late August is an excellent time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials.  The growing season is likely to last for another six to eight weeks before the first hard frosts kills sensitive annuals and speed the onset of dormancy in woody plants and perennials.

If you plant soon, this means there are still six to eight weeks for new landscape  plantings to grow new roots and get a good start on becoming established and beautiful  elements in your landscape.  With some nice root development this fall your new trees, shrubs and perennials will be able to push a stronger flush of new growth next spring and rapidly achieve that healthy and vigorous appearance we all hope for when we create a new feature in the garden.


At Knecht’s Nurseries we are constantly adding new plant materials to our production program so we can always assure you of the very best selection and quality from April 1st to mid November.  From a value standpoint we keep our regular prices reasonable, and always have several hundred trees, shrubs and perennials available in our bargain areas at nice discounts of 20% off to 50% off!

This year take the opportunity to do some late summer planting.  Working conditions are usually excellent for doing outdoor projects in August and September and there are lots of very nice cost savings available in many areas of the eight acres of plant heaven known as Knecht’s Nuseries.

If you need help with planting, or feel as if you could benefit from some help with landscape design and installation, we have the experienced and certified nursery professionals to make your project turn out beuatiful and cost effective.

Remember as the nights grow a bit longer with each passing day – Opportunity Knocks.