Ornamental Grasses

Ornmanetal Grasses provide texture, color, movement and sound to our natural and intentional environment.  Screening, vertical accent, fall and winter interest can all be achieved with well placed and selected varieties of grasses.  

Providing an amazing relationship with wind, even the slightest breeze can create a rustle and gentle nod from these gracefully bending, versatile plants.   They’re able to grow in a wide range of soil types from sandy to heavier clay, most varieties are tolerant of drought once established and some can be tolerant of moisture making them ideal in rain gardens.

These pictures both are of the same perennial bed – one in summer showing their ability to show off other perennials and the wonderful winter interest that they provide.   Ornamental grasses are on sale through the end of August at 10% off regular prices.

The above article was submitted by Heidi Brosseau – our retail manager.